About Us


Our Mission

Rainmaker is a world-class market development organization with global reach. Our team of professionals help clients achieve their export marketing ambitions. We help you better understand your target markets so you can develop and implement the most effective market penetration strategies. We will connect you to lucrative business development opportunities so you an quickly and effectively reach your business expansion goals.


Our Vision

Rainmaker delivers international market expansion success for our clients.  We leverage data, market intelligence and government support to enhance our client’s  market exposure and expand their international reach.

Our History

Slide The concept for Rainmaker Global Business Development dates back to a chance meeting with a Glaswegian pump manufacturer in Scotland. Rainmaker’s co-founder, Clark Grue, explained the opportunities for a business concept in the Canadian market and the CEO of the company showed interest. Although the Scotsman decided not to invest in the idea, it was through this meeting that Clark knew there was an opportunity for a service to accelerate market development.

Tim Kozmyk and Clark Grue met as neighbours during a time when Tim was invested in building oil and gas exploration and production companies. Through their vast energy and development experience, the two further established a need for market entry intelligence, strategy and implementation.
2001 A Chance Meeting
Slide Lois Mitchell joined Tim Kozmyk and Clark Grue in launching Rainmaker Global Business Development. 2007 The Launch Slide Soon after the company launch, Rainmaker acquired an executive centre in downtown Calgary, Alberta. This became Rainmaker’s head office and a platform for clients entering the Western Canadian market to have a physical market presence.

The London office was acquired in the second quarter of 2008. An office in the United Kingdom was critical in connecting Rainmaker to the European marketplace.
2008 A Business Centre & UK Office
Slide Through offices in Houston and Dubai, Rainmaker extended its international reach into key energy centres. Rainmaker joined force with seasoned oil industry experts in the global energy hub of Houston, and the key energy producing region of the Middle East. 2009 Houston & Dubai Offices Slide Rainmaker focused on enhancing its connectivity to the financial services of the energy industry by establishing a presence in New York City and Toronto. This provided deep connectivity to the capital sources as well as an exposure to the activity of midstream and upstream gas industry in the region. 2010 New York City & Toronto Offices Slide The following year, Rainmaker created an office in Bogota as a result of the increased oil and gas activity of various South American countries. Rainmaker also acquired a team of experts in Colombia with broad experience and exposure to the energy producing countries of the continent. 2013 Bogota Office Slide With increased activity in the midstream sector, Rainmaker established a strategic office in Vienna. 2014 Vienna Office Slide Rainmaker shifted its UK office to Aberdeen to further increase our connectivity to the energy industry, focussing in on the experienced companies that operate on the North Sea.

Given the maturity of the market and the changing production profile, Rainmaker is keen to assist UK companies explore other key international regions of opportunity.
2015 Aberdeen Office
Slide The addition of this key market to the Rainmaker global network is a reflection of the growing market activity expected in this country in the coming years. Building on the recent constitutional changes in Mexico, Rainmaker is working with its clients to navigate the opportunities in this important market for energy and infrastructure service and supply companies. The focus of this strategic office located in the World Trade Center is twofold. First, it connects our clients to the advanced Mexican supply base to build products for the oil and gas industry, worldwide. Second, this office has been instrumental in assisting oil & gas, energy and mining related companies to develop their businesses and increase their profile throughout the region. 2016 Mexico Office Slide As the world is moving very fast towards cleaner energy and more sustainable technologies, this period of transition presents great opportunities to those who are well-positioned to take full advantage of them. Through its office in Porto, Rainmaker provides a unique point of access to the markets via the knowledge and experience that reside in South-West Europe; a region that is globally recognized as a leader in renewable energy and clean technologies. In addition, Porto’s strategic location on the West Coast of Europe offers an ideal platform for market-entry in the European Union, Africa and the Americas. 2017 Portugal Office