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As your analyst, we do advanced research to assess the market and provide you with a full picture of the region.

We are your

We use in-depth market research and analysis to create a custom strategy to help you expand your business into new markets.

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Activation Partner

We help you accelerate market development and de-risk your expansion by identifying and qualifying potential clients.

Rainmaker Global Market AccessOur Services

Every Rainmaker service begins with a discovery meeting. This is where we take the time to learn about your company, your clients, and most importantly your business objectives. We are there for you every step of the way.

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5 D Process

The Rainmaker approach combines real data with human insights to help our clients make better market entry decisions.


Real-time access to key data on market dynamics, competitors, government regulations, and potential clients.


Direct Contact

Direct contact with strategic market interviews, lead generation, and customer engagement.



Optimal Market Entry and Development Strategy custom designed for your business.



Carefully laid out Market Development plan with a focus on the removal of market barriers.



Clear pre-defined outcomes driven by the client’s strategic goals for the Market.


About Us

Rainmaker is a global organization of Business Development Executives that connect companies with qualified business opportunities around the world. We accelerate the growth of our clients by leveraging our knowledge, relationships and international partnerships.

Our Vision

Rainmaker is a world-class market development organization with global reach. Our team of professionals help clients achieve their export marketing ambitions. We help you better understand your target markets so you can develop and implement the most effective market penetration strategies. We will connect you to lucrative business development opportunities so you can quickly and effectively reach your business expansion goals.

Our Mission

Rainmaker delivers international market expansion success for our clients. We leverage data, market intelligence, and government support to enhance our client’s market exposure and expand their international reach.

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