Rainmaker is a market entry consultancy firm

that combines expert market analytics and client specific market insights.

We use our global network to provide you with strategic connections

and create market entry success.

The Rainmaker Advantage

The right .

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Value Proposition

What sets you apart from the competition?

We Refine Your Strategy

Our expert market intelligence allows us to refine your company’s message to fit the local industry.

More on Rainmaker

Relationship Capital

How will you build meaninful relationships in a remote market?

Use Our Extensive Network

Rainmaker’s reputation and deep contact bases gives you access to a diverse global network of decision makers and influencers.

Rainmaker’s relationships

Current and timely industry insights

When is the optimal time to enter the market?

We Give You Insider Knowledge

Our knowledge of bidding processes and local industry practices, gives you an insider’s edge on market behaviour.

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Why Rainmaker?

Rainmaker’s global expertise saves our clients from the common missteps of entering a new market. Our strategic process is proven to save time and accelerate profits.

Average Cost Savings

Months of Average Time Saved

Success Rate of our clients