Venture Development

Rainmaker Venture Development Services assist startups, new technologies, and corporate diversification initiatives to realize their business aspirations through robust economic evaluation, strategic planning, and stakeholder engagement. We help entrepreneurs conceptualize their ventures, articulate their value, and prepare for investment.

Strategic Planning

With decades of combined experience growing businesses from ideation stage to investment preparation to exit strategy, Rainmaker has experience with startups and established businesses of all size and backgrounds.

Economic Analysis

Rainmaker evaluates revenue projections and cashflow models to determine the economic viability of your business model, map out various scenarios for your venture over a multi year period, and identify potential barriers to profitable operations.

Macro-Economic Impact Analysis Report

Using a variety of proven methodologies and leveraging the experience of our Research & Intelligence team, Rainmaker performs a comprehensive third-party evaluation of your business plan and the impact that your venture is expected to have on the region where it is located from an employment, taxation, environmental, and social perspective.