Research & Intelligence

Rainmaker is a leading advisory and business development firm that provides a tailored, results-driven approach to new market entry.

Rainmaker combines expert market intelligence and a global network of trusted partners to identify new opportunities and support the scale-up of your business

Rainmaker’s Research & Intelligence team empowers your organization to make informed decisions for effective strategic growth.

We build customer-centric insights and leverage state-of-the-art digital tools and platforms to design actionable market recommendations.

Our Strengths

  • MBA-certified research analysts with 30+ years of combined experience
  • Global intelligence network
  • Access to real-time data subscriptions and reports
  • Industry and market agnostic
  • Client-tailored market research

Market Analysis and Reports

Our team can provide the following types of custom market research solutions to fuel your business growth:

Macro Environment Intelligence

  • Market Feasibility Analysis
  • Industry Trends and Analysis
  • Location Assessment / Site Selection
  • Regulatory Landscape
  • Value Chain Analysis
  • Trade Shows and Events Landscape

Micro Environment Intelligence

  • Target Customers Identification Screening
  • Competitor Analysis
  • M&A Target Identification Screening
  • SWOT Analysis
  • New Market Entry Strategies
  • Primary Research – Survey and Executive Interviews

5-D Approach to Market Entry



Real-time access to key data on market dynamics, competitors,
government regulations, and potential clients.


Direct Contact

Direct contact with strategic market interviews, lead
generation, and customer engagement.



Optimal Market Entry and Development Strategy custom designed
for your business.



Carefully laid out Market Development plan with a focus on the
removal of market barriers.



Clear pre-defined outcomes driven by the client’s strategic goals
for the Market.

Research & Intelligence Team

Jitendra Punjabi

Director Global Research

Guneet Kaur

Global Market Analyst

Casey McMechan

VP Client Services