Market Access Channels (MAC)

The MAC applies a team approach to market development by collaborating with a group of companies who operate within the industry and want to activate into a new global market. Each of our MACs are centered on a network designed to foster conversations amongst business owners and leaders that operate – or are looking to operate – in a specific country and target market within it.

About Rainmaker’s MAC programs

Generally, each MAC is comprised of product and service companies who aspire to introduce their goods and services to a new global market within their current industry. They do so by connecting through Rainmaker’s exclusive forums, seminars and market visits where they leverage each other’s knowledge to further their own business.

Currently, Rainmaker’s MACs are active in Agri-tech, Education, Energy Infrastructure, Health and Beauty, Automotive, Tourism and Environmental Services. These MACs are focused on Africa, Mexico, Europe, Brazil, the United States.