Global Partners

Rainmaker is proud to have market and industry experts around the world that are available and capable of guiding our clients as they expand into new markets globally. These experienced engagement leaders are ready to support your international goals and objectives.

Who is a Global Partner

Rainmaker Global Partners bring a deep understanding of internationalization to our clients. More than simply “boots on the ground” these hand-picked experts understand how business is done in their regions and the influencers and leaders in their market. Global Partners know WHO to do business with in a foreign market. And they know how to get business done.

What do Global Partners do?

With the support of Rainmaker HQ and our deep research and data expertise, our Global Partners open new opportunities for you with businesses and governments in the target market. Guided by your objectives in a particular market, Rainmaker Global Partners work closely with you to acheive these goals.

Our PeopleGlobal Business Partners

Karl Teviotdale

Oil & Energy Product Development

Europe, United Kingdom, Aberdeen

Said Younes

Supply Chain & Logistics

North America, Canada, Toronto, Ontario

Henrique Malina

Health & Beauty, Technology & Startups

South America, Brazil, Curitiba

Anthony McDaniels

US Oil & Gas Division

North America, United States, Denver, Colorado

Gabriel Parrodi

Telecommunications & IT, Oil & Gas

North America, Mexico, Mexico City

Mark Wilger

International Relations & Business Development

North America, Canada, Calgary, Alberta

Justin Hospedales

Business Development

Africa, South Africa, Cape Town

Scott McNear

US Oil & Gas Division

North America, United States, Denver, Colorado

Peter-Patrick Baumgartner

Energy, Infrastructure, Health

Europe, Austria, Innsbruck

Liz De Swart

Fashion & Lifestyle Goods, Wholesale & Retail Business

North America, Canada, Calgary, Alberta

Alastair Clyne

International Business/Economic, Environmental & Enterprise Development

Glasgow, United Kingdom

Hugh Fraser

Oil & Energy Product Development, Logistics & Power

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Middle East

Ken Crawford

Oil & Energy Product Development, Logistics & Clean Tech

Jakarta, Indonesia, SE Asia

Lynda Arsenault

BPO & Logistics

North America, Canada, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Melodie Creegan

Oil & Energy Product Development, Clean Tech, Consumer, Indigenious

North America, Canada, Calgary, Alberta

Nir Ben David

Hi-Tech & Health

Asia, Israel, Tel Aviv

Tony Agbonkhese

Oil & Energy Product Development, Finance, Clean Tech & Power

Africa, Nigeria, Lagos

Becoming a Rainmaker

Rainmaker is always looking for qualified, experienced Global Partners. We are actively seeking experts in locations that we do not have coverage or have minimal coverage. We also look for new industry experts that can broaden reach to new clients.

Some of the qualities that we are always interested in include:

  • Specific Industry experience
  • Trade Mission Support
  • International experience
  • International qualifications and certifications
  • Professional and Management consulting certifications
  • Drive and passion to build a practice

Contact us and expand your global reach

If this is you and you want to join a global team that will support you as you build an international consulting practice

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