Our Process

We customize our proprietary four phase process to ensure market entry success for our clients.


Our team of global researchers compiles information from strategic data sources, internal understanding and experience, and Rainmaker’s professional network to define the actual market opportunity for your company. We determine the important and critical pieces of information by engaging decision-makers and influencers in the market.


Our team works with you to refine and reconfigure your value proposition while initiating business development strategies. During this phase we showcase your competitive edge to industry influencers and potential clients and/or partners. Finally we design an action plan catered to your company’s specific vision.


This phase consists of planning and delivering the first in-market trip. Our experts provide professional coaching in preparation for qualified and strategic meetings, where we transfer our relationship capital to you. Our team organizes face-to-face meetings with target clients, industry influencers and/or partners.


With an established method of entry and a refined value proposition, Rainmaker continues to develop specific market opportunities for your company. Our local presence and connectivity accelerates our client’s success.