FDI Advisory

Attracting foreign direct investment has become an important economic development objective across the world. FDI plays a crucial role in any economy; it remains an important source of innovation that drives productivity, job creation and economic competitiveness.‬‬‬‬‬‬ Rainmaker supports jurisdictions in their quest for sustainable economic growth and diversification. We design economic development scenarios that help our clients in effectively responding to new opportunities. Our benchmarking and competitive assessments, cost modeling and economic impact assessments are some of the techniques we use to help government agencies increase the number of  foreign and domestic investments attracted to their jurisdictions.

Through the FDI Canada Forum, Rainmaker’s Annual Signature Event, we bring together investors and professionals from around the world to explore the investment and expansion opportunities available in the Canadian marketplace.

Since inception in 2015, the Forum has achieved significant milestones, including, among others:

  • Helping promote Canada as an attractive destination for FDI
  • Providing an event to learn from current foreign investors in Canada
  • Attracting potential investors to the country for exploration of investment in Canada
  • Providing a forum for discussing FDI policy with investment and government advisers
  • Creating a platform for FDI players to provide their unique perspectives in order to help potential investors understand and evaluate the best areas for investment in Canada
  • Becoming a vehicle for discussing the importance of FDI activity in Canada, and a platform for Canadian and global businesses to review a list of major project opportunities
  • Providing an educational environment for Canadian FDI practitioners to learn and expand their networks and investment leads

Click on the links below to access past and upcoming events:

FDI Canada Forum 2016
FDI Canada Forum 2018
FDI Canada Forum 2019