COVID-19 Recovery

As the world endures the COVID-19 Pandemic crisis, businesses are in various states of health. Some are shut down, some are slow and some are finding ways to grow during this unusual time.

Rainmaker Global's Business Recovery program takes businesses through key questions that will drive business sustainability and recovery.  Does COVID-19 provide you with an opportunity to re-shape your business?

Questions we are asking our clients today:

How transformational will COVID-19 be?   
Will it be an inconvenient interruption with business quickly returning to normal or will it be truly transformational for you and your industry?   Are you facing long term changes to your industry or will these be short lived?   Has COVID-19 changed your competitive position or the competitive structure of your industry?  How can you best secure sufficient capital for growth?   How will markets and market segments in your industry be affected?  How will your supply and distribution channels change?   What opportunities do these structural changes present?

What will recovery look like for you? 
How will your industry recover from COVID-19?   Will it recover well?   Will it recover quickly?   Are you prepared for it?  Will recovery be the same for all industry participants or is there opportunity in recovering better and faster than your competition?  What opportunities do structural changes in your industry create for you?

What strategic opportunities will the COVID-19 recover present to you?  
Are there new M&A opportunities?   Do you have new Value Chain and Supply Chain opportunities?   Are there new partnership and strategic alliance opportunities?  Do you have new market share expansion opportunities?

Do you need to rethink your strategic marketing program?   
Have your current markets changed?  Are you critically vulnerable in your current markets and need to expand into new markets?   What new market opportunities are available for you?   Which new markets provide the best opportunity?  

Should you rethink your product and service offering? 
Do you need to change your product service and delivery systems?  Are new product and delivery opportunities available to you?

Do you need to rethink your human resource management strategy? 
Should your staffing policies change?  Which employees have proven to be critical?  Going forward is it better to rely on conventional employment or emphasis consultants and contract employees?

How will COVID-19 impact your business’ slate of strategic capabilities?  
What new capabilities will you need to survive and thrive during and following recovery?   How can you best find or develop these capabilities?  If you have adapted and utilized new capabilities to manage through COVID-19, what opportunities will they present to you and your competitors post-COVID?  What capabilities and strategies has your competition used to survive COVID-19?  Do you have emulation opportunities available to you?

Are you taking full advantage of government programs available to you?  
How can the various available COVID-19 aid programs help you stabilize and grow?   Have you explored government export marketing assistance programs?   Are the technology and research and development programs useful to you?  Have you considered any of the government loan programs?

How will online communications impact your business going forward?  
Has your COVID-19 experience created new capabilities and new market opportunities for you?

How will COVID-19 impact international trade and commerce?
How will it impact your business?   Are your international markets secure?  Are your supply and distribution chains vulnerable?   What new regulatory changes will you possibly have to face?   Will you have new trade and transportation barriers and constraints to deal with?   What new growth opportunities do these changes present?

As you consider these challenging questions, we are here to help, Contact us today: