Case Study: Pipeline Contractor

Company Overview

A multi-billion dollar European pipeline contractor engaged Rainmaker’s Market Expansion program. This client required an analysis of the business opportunity in the Canadian market for their construction management services.

The Challenge

A lack of industry network and macro level factors influenced our client’s potential expansion.


1. Secured an Expression of Interest (EOI) from a major operator
2. Accelerated client’s market entry by facilitating strategic discussions with a potential local contracting partner to accelerate our client’s market entry
3. Established dozens of high-level contacts with key stakeholders of client’s target projects

Our Process

Phase One: Engage

Our team extensively reviewed the company’s target market, thoroughly analyzing competitors, regulations, and standards that would impact our client’s entry into the Canadian market.

Utilizing Rainmaker’s extensive network, our team conducted over 20 executive interviews with industry stakeholders. These interviews led to first hand and current insights on the Canadian contractor market. Our team uses these industry insights to determine where the most promising opportunities are for our client and design a strategy going forward.

Our team identified 17 projects as potential bidding opportunities for our client. Each project was then thoroughly analyzed and ranked.

Following this market analysis, our team began planning qualified meetings for our client. The goal of these meetings was to transfer Rainmaker’s relationships to the client. Our team aims to expose the client to a broad mix of stakeholders whose insights, experience, and expertise will provide them with the utmost information on their new market.

Phase Two: Design

Phase Three: Launch

Our client made a two week in-market visit during which Rainmaker set up meetings with the following stakeholders:

  • 4 operators
  • 4 Oil and Gas Producers
  • 3 Engineering firms
  • 1 Potential Partner
  • 1 Consulting firm
  • 1 industry specific government entity


Following the market visit, our client has agreed to further the consulting engagement with Rainmaker as they continue to build their Canadian market entry strategy. Our team continues to seek out current pipeline projects for our client, as well as setting up meetings with pipeline operators for involvement in future projects.

Phase Four: Accelerate