Leveraging the CanExport program to expand your market reach and stabilize your client base

Rainmaker Global believes that in times of crisis in the local market, our clients should be exploring the opportunities that exist in other geographical markets. 

Why? Because the dynamics that may be negatively impacting your business at home may not constrain you in another market.

In fact, those challenges you face at home may create opportunities in a new market.

We firmly believe that businesses which prepare strategically for market entry are many times more likely to succeed in securing business from a new market. We have witnessed this trend firsthand since 2007.

We encourage our clients to look critically at a new market to understand the probability of success in the market.  Various factors can impact your business positively and negatively in a new market.

Your Unique Value Proposition intersects with the target Market at a particular point in time. This creates either opportunity or in some cases, challenges.

         Rainmaker’s process:

  • Examines and tests the Unique Value Proposition (UVP) of your company
  • Overlays it with the political and regulatory conditions of the Market
  • Defines the opportunity that exists with the collision of your UVP with the current Market conditions
  • Develops a path toward success
  • Executes the path forward with our clients

This Rainmaker process not only increases the probability of success in the new Market, it also reduces the costs that are often spent on travel and chasing contacts in the market who will always tell you that “they know a guy”.

We take you to the Market when the Market is ready… and waiting for your UVP.

The CanExport program of the Canadian government is a great opportunity for Canadian companies to engage Rainmaker Global to expand into new global markets.  In fact, the program will cover 75% of our fees for doing this work for and with you.


Contact us to find out how you can get Rainmaker Global in your corner for 25% of the regular costs.