Business Events

Business Event strategies for driving Economic Development and Tourism

Since 2007, Rainmaker has firmly believed that the BEST way to get business done is to bring people together.

Although we can do much online with various platforms today, trust is built when people come together.  And people do business with people they trust.

This trust is built up through various Business Events such as Conferences, Conventions, Congresses, Exhibitions, Team Building Incentive Travel, Business to Business Meetings and Team Training Sessions.

These Business Events being held in your city not only bring corporate spenders to your area that bolster your Tourism companies, they also enhance your economic landscape by inviting investment to your city and develop trade ties to other markets.

As you prepare for the Post-COVID global economy, Here are some questions for your destinations to consider:

  • What elements of your economy will return in a strong way?
  • What elements of your economy will not return?
  • What is your jurisdiction's economic aspiration as we emerge out of COVID?
  • How has that changed?
  • What are the key assets to your jurisdiction that will drive growth in the economy?
  • Who are the Champions for your city in the new era?
  • What business events will bring the right people back to your jurisdiction?
  • What will they experience in your areas?
  • How will you gain economic strength through this time of transition?
  • How will you connect to the right influencers in the world to bring the visitor economy back?
  • What Foreign Direct Investment targets should be your priority?
  • What can the government do to assist in your Economic Aspirations?
You are not in this alone.

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